Blending of Oxides for Different Colour Shades


Oxides, like paints, can be mixed to provide a variety of colours, as seen in the photos throughout this website. We can supply 'shot blends', i.e. small pre-mixed blends of oxides to mortar and plaster contractors to standardise colours and eliminate the often difficult task of preparing blends on site.


The advantages of measured quantities of oxides

We can supply measured quantities of our Oxides to the readymix concrete industry in 20 litre plastic buckets. This applies to standard grades, G & C grades or blends. The advantage of the G & C grades is that they flow when being administered, causing less dust nuisance. There is also no need for plant staff to measure out quantities for dosage as this has been calculated by us once the load sizes have been advised.


Using pigments


When mixing coloured concrete onsite, ingredients must be placed into the mixer in sequence to ensure the pigments disperse fully.  With powdered colours, put pigments into the mixer along with aggregates and approximately half the required water and mix well to ensure a uniform blend: follow this by adding cement and sufficient water to obtain the desired consistency.